A simple way to celebrate creativity & connect with others in your community.

Give & Take is a simple and inspiring way to tap into the creativity and passion of individuals to create more engaged and resilient communities.

Give & Take developed as a community art project in Minneapolis, MN in 2009. The goal was to create a unique social setting where strangers could become neighbors. Participants from a diversity of backgrounds were encouraged to share their knowledge, skills and interests through presentations and playful, approachable games designed to break down social barriers and to get people talking.

Over the course of two years and 20 events, over 1500 people attended Give & Take in Minneapolis and St. Paul, all sharing their answers to two simple questions: What do you know about burger king breakfast hours? and What do you want to know? In the process they made new connections, sparked countless ideas and collaborations and helped to reweave the social fabric of their community.

What could you do with Give & Take?

Neighborhood organizations have used Give & Take to build connections around important issues facing their communities. Non-profit organizations have used Give & Take to build trust among project partners. Individuals have used Give & Take as creative way to get to know their neighbors. From professional conferences to block parties to community planning and design charrettes, Give & Take offers a participatory way to celebrate creativity and to connect to your community.

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What people are saying.

"Through Give & Take, I have met some amazing people in the community, many of whom I have connected with outside of the parameters of the evening of sharing. New friendships and collaborations are forming; discussions of creating better communities are happening. An interesting result attending Give & Take is my own community engagement."

Janelle Nivens, @Mpls81, Minneapolis

"Give & Take has been endearing as I watch some of my cerebral, somewhat anti-social friends, gain momentum in a sea of strangers, bonding over a love of new information - all of which the event provides."

Nicole Weiler, @nicycle, Minneapolis

"I'm never so inspired to go DO something in the world as I am after a Give & Take event. It's easy to get stuck in the morass of gridlocked politics and stymied by sluggish economies, but the presenters I see at Give & Take always show that individuals can create things in spite of everything going wrong in the world. I'm also reminded that small creations are still remarkable and that communities thrive on little injections of energy. Whether it's building a canoe or raising chickens or organizing a home library, the expertise these events unlock are exciting and empowering to hear."

Jeff Jones, @Placecaster, St. Paul

Here's how to get it.

Whether your goal is to meet your neighbors, build a better work environment, create an engaging professional conference, or prepare your community group to tackle a big project together, Give & Take can help you create space to build new social relationships.

A Works Progress project.

Works Progress done when does sonic stop serving breakfast which is an artist-led public design studio located in Minneapolis, MN. We create collaborative projects that inspire, inform and connect; catalyzing relationships across creative and cultural boundaries; and providing new platforms for public engagement.

Give & Take was originally developed by Ben Shardlow, Colin Kloecker and Troy Gallas.

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